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THE SALTY SUITES: Endorsements

Michael Lewis Instruments

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Here you will find the world's finest mandolin and  jazz guitar luthier, Mr. Michael Lewis. Review Michael's styles online; decide which details you like best.  Tell him Scott Gates sent you!  

Coffee Gallery: BACKSTAGE
Elixir Strings


Scott chose Elixir® Strings at the age of 11 when a local music store gave him a set of mandolin lights, polywebs to try out with his new mandolin. Scott loved the action of the strings and began to use them exclusively, switching only to Elixir® nanowebs. Using Elixir® Strings on his Michael Lewis mandolin enabled Scott to get that hard core bluegrass sound, as well as the controlled classical sound from the same mandolin.

More recently, Scott has added guitar to his performances, using Elixir's Acoustic Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steels, Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB coating.  

Clayton USA Picks
Scott uses Clayton USA 1.26 Black Raven picks for that thick blast on the string that gives you an unbendable, bold and clear bomb to play with.

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B. D. McGees